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Tips for mothers to take care of children’s eyes

Raising kids is one of the hardest and most fulfilling jobs in the world and with countless things to think off, including eye health, probably the job you might feel least prepared for. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, we would like to take one more concern of mothers’ shoulders by offering easy tips to assist their children with eye health, says Zelda van Coller at Zelda van Coller Optometrists Dynamic Vision.

“Your eyes are your windows to the world and need to be taken care of cautiously.  We are offering tips for moms to be more pro-active and to ensure that their kids’ eyes are taken care of – protecting them from eye damage and sustaining good eyesight,” she says.

She recommends easy tips for moms to assist their children with eye care:

-Protect your children’s eyes against increased digital media exposure.  Harmful blue light from digital devices can have a negative long term effect. Schedule specific time slots for kids to have screen time and put all digital devices away at least two hours before bed time.  BlueControl lenses are recommended when looking at screens – this is an easy way to protect your children’s eyes from blue light and you can get them without having prescription glasses.

-Watch out for any signs of discomfort such as eye rubbing, watery eyes, headaches and difficulty reading from the blackboard. As soon as these signs are present it is important to talk to your optometrist about what steps to follow – the solution can sometimes be very quick and simple.

-Parents can consider contact lenses for kids, especially if they are playing sports.  Almost 97% of optometrists reviewed currently fit contact lenses for patients under the age of 18.1

-While sunglasses are very popular amongst adults, only a few children are wearing them.  Children are more susceptible to sun damage than adults due to larger pupils and should be protected against ultraviolet rays which can damage their eyes and eye lids.

-Kids under-performing academically or on the sport field is a big concern for many parents – and the first step should be a basic eye test.  A normal reaction is to involve an occupational therapist, go for additional maths classes or even get a better sport coach, where most of the time the cause is eye related.

-Schedule a yearly eye test and slot it into your cell phone calendar to make sure you don’t forget.  Your optometrist will assist you with all the necessary information to put you at ease.  Good eyesight plays a significant role in a child’s learning and it is essential for children to go for an eye tests at least every twelve months.

“Your child might not show signs of an eye problem, but sometimes do need reading glasses and visual therapy because of other underlying issues and this can have a negative impact on their learning ability if not taken care of,” says van Coller.

“Prevention is the cure when it comes to eye care. Rather take steps earlier and don’t regret not assisting your child with their visual needs.”

“Help your kids to make eye care a priority. Inform them about the things that can be dangerous to their eyes, so they can help you and themselves to look after their eyes.  We live in a world where there are lots to see and learn, and to make most of this we need to keep our eyes healthy.  What better way than to start from a young age,” she concludes.


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