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Kids are getting their eyes tested for the new school year

Many kids started the new academic year right by going for eye tests before their classes start, ensuring that they give themselves the best shot at a great year.  Poor eyesight in children can often lead to learning difficulties, lack of confidence and struggling to play sports that require hand-eye co-ordination, but this can be avoided by doing an eye test in time

Luca van Coller, a patient who received new glasses
Ayva Schutte, also a patient who received new glasses

Zelda van Coller, Owner and Optometrist at Zelda van Coller Optometrists Dynamic Vision says that they are impressed by the number of kids who are educated on the importance of eye care and making their eye health a priority this year.

She recommends an eye test when the following warning signs occur:

“Eye tests for children are designed to test more accurate in a shorter time frame to keep kids from sitting still for too long.  Special charts, shapes and picture books are used to test youngsters’ eyes who are not reading yet.”

Good eyesight plays a significant role in a child’s learning and it is essential for children to go for an eye tests at least every twelve months, concludes van Coller.

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