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Feeling tired? Eye care can be your solution

Eye fatigue can make you feel exhausted and cause you to feel a lack of concentration.  It is a symptom of eye strain which occurs when the eyes get tired after performing a visual task for a lengthy period.  Focusing on your computer, reading a book or driving long distances can cause eye strain which can result in tired or watery eyes, blurred vision and headaches. 

According to Zelda van Coller, owner and optometrist at Zelda van Coller Optometrists, the first step to treating any eye condition, is always getting an accurate diagnosis.  During a comprehensive eye examination, an optometrist can put stress on your visual system and find out exactly where the problem lies.

“Eye strain occurs when focusing for long periods and putting strain on your eyes, this doesn’t always cause eye injuries, but to increase eye comfort, we advise our patients to make sure they are getting professional eye care and wearing the correct prescriptions.”

 “Your solution to tired eyes can be as simple as recommended eye exercises, eye drops or getting the correct lens prescription.”

“Tired eyes can have an enormous impact on your lifestyle and needs to be treated.  In some cases, tired eyes and eye strain can be an indication of other underlying eye care conditions and needs to be taken care of in order to prevent further eye strain and long-term irreversible vision loss.”

Van Coller says that there are various symptoms of tired eyes that needs treatment.  She urges patients to make an appointment and get their eyes tested if experiencing the following symptoms:  Sore, tired, burning or itching eyes, watery or dry eyes, blurred or double vision, experiencing headaches, a sore neck, shoulders or back, experiencing an increased sensitivity to light, have difficulty concentrating and feeling to close tired eyes a lot. 

She also gives a few tips to help with common causes of eye strain on a daily basis:

“Although eyestrain doesn’t always have serious implications, it can be aggravating and unpleasant.  Eye strain can make you feel tired, reduce your ability to concentrate and prevent you from being productive.  Most cases of tired eyes can be treated easily – why wait if you can sort it out today,” concludes van Coller.

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